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Chevrolet Volt Gets Praise From Those Who Know it Best

Looking for the best of both worlds? Let's be honest. Most of us are. This is true across most facets of life but especially so when it comes to driving. Consumers want great fuel-efficiency and low environmental impact while still gaining extended driving range, excellent performance and convenience. To satisfy this particular appetite, Southworth Chevrolet can think of one model and one model only: the Chevrolet Volt.

That's right. The innovative plug-in hybrid from Chevy runs on all-electric with zero emissions for around 35 miles. As soon as it hits its EV limit, the model smoothly converts to petrol power for the driver's convenience. Not only do we think these features and others are enough to wow potential hybrid consumers, current Volt owners think so as well.

How do we know this?  Consumer Reports sent out a survey and found that Volt driers are the most-satisfied car owners in the United States! Let that sink in for a minute...This means that the Chevy Volt garnered an award straight from the horse's mouth. Considering that no one knows a vehicle better than its driver, we think this accolade is extremely trustworthy.

Alan Batey, Chevrolet Sales Chief, adds, "This vehicle is more than how many we are selling day after day, month after month. It is a magnet around everything that we're trying to do to showcase the brand."1

If you feel pulled towards the electric power of the Chevy Volt, we welcome you to swing by Southworth Chevrolet at 810 Martin Rd. Bloomer, WI 54724 and check it out. Of course, we also have award-winning new Chevy models such as the shockingly safe Camaro and the fuel-efficient Sonic. No matter whether you're in the market for one of these vehicles or simply looking for dependable Chevrolet parts, we're more than happy to help.

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