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Chevrolet Pickups No. 1 For Car Thieves

If you drive a GM pickup like the Chevrolet Silverado, you may be in for some rough times with car theft. It seems that in the West Virginia region of America, pickup trucks are the Number 1 choice for car thieves.

But it's not really new Chevy trucks that are becoming huge targets for car robbers. A National Crime Insurance Bureau report states the most stolen vehicle in West Virginia was the 1990 full-size Chevrolet pickup. Another targeted was the 1997 Chevrolet S-10 pickup.

West Virginia State Police Sgt. Mike Lynch explained that older models are chosen due to their lack of security devices. New models commonly include Smart Chips in the key. This small chip will not allow you to start the vehicle unless you have the specific car keys in your possession.

"It's no longer a simple matter of hot-wiring a vehicle," Lynch said. "Even motorcycles like Harley-Davidsons have a theft security system now built into their ignitions. That seems to be the way manufacturers are going, and the auto insurance industry is helping to promote that because they have fewer claims they have to hand out."

You can learn how to better protect your new or pre-owned vehicle by talking to the experts at Southworth Chevrolet. There, you can choose anti-theft options which trained technicians will add to your vehicle.

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