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A Brief Retrospective on the Iconic Chevy Logo

This fall, Chevrolet will celebrate one-hundred years of success. True, they kicked off the party very early on in 2011. But, November 3 is the official date.

Given the significance of the occasion, Southworth Chevrolet serving drivers in Bloomer, WI would like to spend a moment reviewing the origins of Chevy's easy-to-recognize logo: the bowtie.

The bowtie, which some say looks more like a cross, was reportedly the fruit of William Durant's travels. William Durant, as you may or may not know, is the co-founder of Chevrolet. According to what is perhaps the most widely accepted account of the logo's origins printed in The Chevrolet Story, Durant fell in love with a striking wallpaper design during his stay at a hotel in Paris. Thinking the print would make the ideal emblem for the young brand, he tore a swatch of it to bring home to share with Louis Chevrolet and his other collaborators.

Another, less romantic story about how the Chevy logo came to be is that told by Durant's daughter, Margery. She contends that the emblem was one of the many doodles her father created whilst sitting at the dinner table.

Durant's widow tells a different story, yet. She reports that her husband was inspired by a design in a newspaper he was reading in a hotel room they shared in Virginia. And, of course, some say the logo isn't a bowtie at all, but rather a modified representation of the cross in the Swiss flag...The logic being, Chevrolet co-founder, Louis Chevrolet was born in Switzerland.

Which story do you think best explains the Chevy logo? Have you heard others? Southworth Chevrolet in Bloomer, WI, would like to know and invites you to leave a comment sharing your thoughts.

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