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Chevrolet Puts Forth a Magical Customer Service Initiative

Whether you're visiting a dealership like Southworth Chevrolet, spending the day at a theme park, or engaging in most any other activity, the people you encounter can alter your experience for the better or for the worst. That's why Chevrolet brand ambassadors from California will be taking a cue from those who always leave their customers feeling happy, satisfied, and a little bit magical inside. Who are these master salespeople? Well, Dopey, Prince Charming and Mickey Mouse, of course.

That's right. Chevy salespeople will be traveling to the Magic Kingdom at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA to learn from the best how to portray a positive image and abide by such rules of etiquette as no smoking in public. In addition to gaining a lesson in exceptional customer service, Chevrolet hopes to gain a significant increase in market share as well.

"We are really going to have a go at California," President of GM's North American operations Mark Reuss said. "This is not some half-baked plan. We will be putting a serious amount of money into this."1

While the automaker's latest method of wooing Californians and winning their automotive love is certainly unique, Southworth Chevrolet has faith that a "happy ending" is most definitely in store. Every good dealer knows that when it comes down to it, customers remember more about the experience than what the salesperson said. And who does a better job of silently capturing the love of fans then Dopey the dwarf? We sure can't think of anyone.

Aside from its Disneyland customer service initiative, Chevrolet will also sprinkle a little fairy dust on its dealerships to spruce them up and have them sparkling brighter than Cinderella's glass slipper. Lastly, the automaker will put its mice to work on producing a new lineup of electric and hybrid vehicles that are sure to get better fuel economy ratings than any old pumpkin-turned-horse-drawn carriage.

To stay up to date on all the Chevy magic, be sure to contact Southworth Chevrolet with any questions you may have. Also, feel free to stop by 810 Martin Rd. Bloomer, WI and talk with us in person. We can't promise fairy dust or glass slippers, but can provide you with all the latest new Chevrolet models your heart desires!

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