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One Post Plus One Plant Equals Big Impact Thanks to Chevrolet

No one can argue that social media platforms such as Facebook are mind-bogglingly popular. That is why automakers such as Chevrolet are determined to get in on the consumer-populated action. Now, a statement like this may cause some to roll their eyes. Social media users aren't always pumped about infiltrating ads. Southworth Chevrolet understands this and so does Chevy. Enter: a new Chevy-powered Facebook initiative that has less to do with boosting sales and more to do with boosting our environment.

In conjunction with the National Forest Foundation, Chevrolet will be encouraging social media users to post virtual trees to their Facebook pages. For every e-tree posted, the automaker will pay to have a real tree planted in our environment. Forests to receive new vegetation will be those in greatest need of reforestation and support.

On its website, Chevrolet says, "We believe in the power of trees."1 But it seems as if the automaker believes in the power of people as well. Why else would it have taken this effort to one of the most heavily populated internet locations? Take a second to consider the implications of using Facebook. The amount of trees planted will undoubtedly be great. In fact, the joint-venture expects a number somewhere close to 175,000. However, if every user were inspired to perform just one additional green act, the impact could be exponentially higher.

Southworth Chevrolet is extremely encouraged to see Chevrolet taking such an inventive role in the aiding of our environment. Of course, you can also see the Chevy green thumb at work in many new Chevrolet models available at 810 Martin Rd. Bloomer, WI 54724. If you have any further questions regarding the automaker's latest initiative, feel free to contact us online. If not, Southworth Chevrolet encourages you to head to http://www.chevrolet.com/culture/article/virtual-tree/ and post your tree today.

Source: 1http://www.chevrolet.com/culture/article/virtual-tree/

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